What are the advantages of human resource management?

QuestionsWhat are the advantages of human resource management?
Priya Vishwas asked 2 years ago
3 Answers
Deepak Goyal answered 2 years ago
The following are the advantages of HRM:
  • Help in human resource planning 
  • Facilitates the training and development program 
  • Ensures quality workforce in the organization
Akshaj Singh answered 2 years ago
Human resource management serves the following advantages:
  • Ensures proper utilization of resources.
  • Help in developing compensation program for the employee
  • Help in evaluating employee’s performance
Nikhil Rawat answered 2 years ago
HRM is very advantageous to the organization as well as the employee. It ensures both the organizational and individual objectives are achieved successfully. Further it motivates the employee and ensures health superior, subordinates and colleagues relationship in the organization.