What are the types of human resource development?

QuestionsWhat are the types of human resource development?
Deepak Goyal asked 2 years ago
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Nikhil Rawat answered 2 years ago
HRD means the development of human resources in different ways that benefit the organisation and individual growth. This can be don't through different types like on-the-job training; which is the most widely used HRD type as the candidate is offered to learn aspects as and when he does his job; job shadowing; where the employee follows and observes an experienced colleague and his actions are strictly monitored and observed and understood by the training employee.
Priya Vishwas answered 2 years ago
HRD is mainly carried out in 2 types. They are formal methods of HRD and informal methods of HRD. In the formal process, there is a rigid set of rules and development processes that the employees undergo for a fixed tenure of time to achieve the targeted standard. This is usually done before the commencement of his job tenure or during the probation period. On the contrary, under the informal type, the employees are given training on board. This is an interactive and self-learning process adopted for giving the employees a sense of belonging.
Akshaj Singh answered 2 years ago
HRD can be carried out by giving professional training to the employees by sending them or asking them to attend seminars by well-established individuals or by asking them to improve their knowledge by attending different courses available online. Another type of HRD is compliance training that is offered to the employees to understand the legal compliance he has to maintain while working in an organisation. All these types ensure the development of HR which in turn develops the organisation as a whole.