Types of Marketing in Business


What is Marketing?

Marketing is a promotional and branding process of making people aware of products or services. Marketing aware the people about the new product of the organization.

Marketing is increasing day by day. Companies are spending a lot of amounts on marketing. Because they know that if the products have created its own value it will give them the best return on it.

Marketing is the social process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging value with others.

Kotler and Armstrong According to Dictionary.com

“The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

Types of Marketing in Business

Types of Marketing

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a form of marketing where companies provide catalogs, mailers and fliers to consumers to aware the consumers with the latest physical products. it does not include internet and television or radio.

Green Marketing

Green Marketing is a form of natural products marketing. The company sells its product to showing as the natural product.

Online Marketing

Online marketing means marketing over the internet. it includes all the social media handles i.e facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website & etc. online marketing has become the main pillar of marketing people are going to the internet rapidly. So, the importance of internet marketing is increasing day by day.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing there sellers sell the products of the company on the commission basis. it is considered one of the best selling method of the product because a company does not need to pay any extra amount before selling the products. this method basically used by influencers and bloggers.

International Marketing

International marketing means when the company markets its products on the basis of international demands. This kind of products builds for every nation’s people. This method is increasing day by day, the company making the products for international use.

Umbrella Marketing(Family Marketing)

umbrella marketing is also known as family marketing. In umbrella, marketing company sells all their products under a roof. Umbrella marketing is increasing because companies started building products for all family members.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing means creating an impact on the customers, make them sure that he will come back again to you. the company is increasing the experiences of the customer and providing them valuable content and services to make them sure that they will buy their products again.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is also an effective method of marketing. In email marketing sellers send personalized email to the customers and make them aware with the latest technology and updates of the products.