Functions of Marketing Department in Business


What is Marketing Department

The marketing department is part of the organization. which helps to promote the product and increase the sales of the product. This is like all other departments of the organization. But its aim to marketing the product. Which the organization produces by promoting, distributing, planning, packaging and, etc

Functions of Marketing Department in Business


Advertisement is the primary function of the marketing department. Promotion provides information about the product and services. Methods of Promotion are Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing.

Allocation of product

Physical distribution of the product is important. To provide the product in every store. Using the distribution channel, wholesaler, or by the online market.

Functions of Marketing Department
Functions of Marketing Department


Shipping means the physical movement of goods where it needs. Choosing the transportation for the delivery of the product. It must be fast and cost-effective so the price of the product will not affect.

Gathering and Analyzing Market Information

Marketing research is the function of the marketing department. To find out the various new ideas, need and want of the potential customer. to take the various decision. and find out the opportunities in the market.

Preparation Plan

Planning means deciding in advance what to do in the future. To develop a good marketing plan so that the objective of the organization can be achieved. Planning is very important in marketing because it helps to provide effective results.

Designing and Development

Designing the product makes the product attractive. That lead to an increase in sales and a good-looking product has more chance to sell first.

Packaging and Labelling

Packaging of the product protects the product from any damage. Labeling makes the product look attractive and have information about the product. Packing and labeling is a first look of the product. it should be strong and attractive.

Pricing of Product

Pricing plays an important role in marketing. A good product without the affordable price is useless. A good price for a bad product is better than the bad price for a good product. Price of the product should be affordable and products must have high functions of work.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support means after sales service. This is also the work of the marketing department. A person who purchased the product will become a loyal customer. If customer Support is good.

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