Importance of Business to Business Marketing


What is Business to Business Marketing?

The organization is basically termed as the mechanism through which the large number of people come together to achieve the same pre-decided objectives of the business. It is termed as the system through which the group of people joins to achieve the same desired goals.
It is a process which simply the work to be performed and clearly defining the responsibility of each individual involved in the group and providing them with the environment so that they can perform effectively for the achievement of decided goals.
It provides the direction to the individual efforts of the peoples in the group towards a common goal.

Importance of Business to Business Marketing

  • Better exchange, transfer, and movement of goods are all done through marketing. It is through intermediaries (wholesalers and retailers) through which product is made available to demanding customers. It is therefore fruitful to both consumers and producers.
  • Standard of living of peoples is all maintained and raised through proper marketing structure. Marketing plays an important role in continuous supply of goods and services to the people at a reasonable price according to their class i.e. rich, middle and poor.
  • Large scale employment is created through marketing activities. As marketing is a very big process which involves large number of people thereby providing employment to each and every one. Around 40% of the population depends on marketing for their occupation in today’s era.
  • Decisions taking ability is supported through marketing as it provides a proper
    base for it. Marketing focuses on conducting research in the market and thereby identifying the market trends, and after the decision is taken on the basis of this research.
  • Source of income and revenue is all raised through proper marketing techniques. As marketing helps in reaching out to a maximum number of potential customers and then ultimately persuading them for buying decisions. It, therefore, increase the overall sales volume and leads to an increase in income and revenue for an organization.

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