External sources of recruitment advantages and disadvantages


External sources of recruitment, The external source of recruitment simply means moving out of your organization to bring and attract new individuals. It is simply concerned with evaluating the large pool of external individuals looking for a job rather than checking the abilities of internal and existing employees. Instead of raising the job status of current working employees which is done in the internal source of recruitment, this process seeks for looking for better candidates outside the organization.

It is a very important process as it helps in attracting the most talented employees for the organization and motivates the current working employees of the organization to grow and helps each other with diversity.

Recruiting the better and perfect employees is one of the major challenges that lie in front of the organization as its going to affect the company growth and progress because if its candidates do not have enough potentials to work then they will have a negative effect on an organization.

there are 2 sources of recruitment :

Internal source and external source. But the scope of the internal source of recruitment is limited to only the working employees whereas the external source of recruitment provides you with the large pool of better candidates and you can make a better choice among them. Even when there are large number of good working internal employees, the external source of recruitment opens the way for more qualified and better candidates.

The external source of recruitment is done through various ways like issuing advertisement in media, hiring from colleges & universities, casual callers, notices at factory gates, contacting former employees, walk-ins and many more.

Advantages of external sources of recruitment:

More chances of getting favorable candidates

 As an external source of recruitment invites applications from large no of external peoples, the company has a good option of performing scrutinizing on large number of peoples. Through this process, the company has more chances of getting best-suited candidates according to their needs.

Procuring best and fresher talent

As it provides the options for large number of external applicants rather than just internal applicants. Through this peoples with fresh and better talent enters the organisation which helps in the inflow of better ideas, skills and knowledge in the organisation.

Creation of spirit of competition

The external source of recruitment helps in inducting a competition in the working environment of the organisation between the internal and external employees thus improving the progress of the company.

  • Fairness in the recruitment process

As this recruitment process is open for all, any one can apply to the job and can get the job according to the relevant skills. So there is biasness in the process, a person get a job if he or she possesses the required skills.

  • Adaption to environmental changes

As through this process new and better talent enters the organisation, which brings in new talents and skills in the organisation thereby helping in easily adaption of environmental changes.

Disadvantages of an external source of recruitment:

  • More Time taking

The first disadvantage of the external source of recruitment is that it is very time consuming and hectic process. As there are large number of applications received through this process, so carefully scrutinizing these applications and performing the recruitment process takes time.

  • High Cost involvement

The cost involved in the external source of recruitment is large as compared to the internal source of recruitment. As in this process, there are large number of processes involving many intermediaries also which charges a commission for their roles thereby adding to the cost.

  • Involvement of higher risk

This process also involves risk. Because when you are hiring an external and new candidate he is not well aware with the company nature and working conditions and will take some time to adjust there, so meanwhile it may affect the company progress.

  • May lead to disputes among working employees

When a chance to the external candidate is given rather than to current working employees, the internal employees feel demotivated and uncomfortable and it may even lead to disputes among the current employees.

  • Inadequate recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies play an effective role in the external recruitment process. As they serves as the intermediary between the company the external individuals. So sometimes the recruitment agencies might not have perfect knowledge about the culture of the company and may supply wrong manpower.