Objectives of Human Resource Management


Concept of HRM (Human Resource Management)

Human resource management is concerned with the human beings in an organization the management of man, it is a very important and challenging job because of the dynamic nature of the people no two people are similar mental abilities and behaviors, they differ widely also as a good and are subject many varied influences.

people are responsible they feel, think, and act therefore they cannot be operated like a machine this makes the concept of human resource management

human resource management is the process of managing people of an organization with a human approach. human resources approach to manpower enables a manager to view the people of an important resource it is the approach through which the organization utilizes the manpower not only for the benefit of the organization but also for the growth development and self-satisfaction of the concerned people

Objectives of Human Resource Management

Objectives of Human Resource Management
Objectives of Human Resource Management

Efficient use of resources

efficient utilization of humans is the main objective of hrm. hrm train the employees to utilize human and non-human resources so that the goals of an organization can be achieved for efficient utilization of the resources HR departments formulations aims & Policies

Develop an organizational hierarchy for more productivity

Organizational hierarchy is different in structure and environmental relations between employees and management. It gives the assignment to each employee working in the organization. The assignment is to be carried out within the given constant it always defines authority, right, duty, accountability, and responsibility thus HRM helps to maintain the organization’s hierarchy and structure.

Development and growth of human resource

HRM provides an encouraging environment. so that the people working in the organization can work productively this, in turn, help them to maintain and develop, innovative, knowledge, abilities, and skill. Training and development season or organized by HRD sessions provide opportunities and overall development to the Employees

Valued Human Beings

HRM focuses on promoting good working relationships among working and managers in an organization thus good HRM system helps in creating an environment where employees are respected.

Maintain employee satisfaction

HRM provides a series of amenities, services, and opportunities to employees for their career development this leads to job satisfaction and hence improve work performance. HRM aims in meeting the personnel objective of employees so that they can be motivated and retained.

Increasing organizational efficiency

HRM focuses on accomplishing higher production with effective utilization of available resources. this leads to an improvement in organizational goals and objective

Social responsibility

It means catering to the needs and challenges of society while minimizing the negative impact of such demand on the organization. HRM must see that legal, ethical, and social environmental issues are property equal opportunity and equal pay for equal work should not be dishonored. HRM should help the socially by generating employment opportunities creating schools and dispensaries helping women empower the social responsibility issue.

Synchronizing individuals goals and organizational goals

HRM bridges the gap between individual goals and organizational goals thereby ensuring harmony. a proper match between individual goals and organizational goals should be maintained in order to keep the employees motivated and utilize organizational resources efficiently and effectively.


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