What is On Job Training (OJT)? Types, Advantages, Disadvantages


What is On Job Training?

On job training means when employees learn in the actual working site in real life situation. workers are given direct instructions to perform their jobs on the work floor.

The worker can actual skills that are required to be performed in the work. This helps the employees to work in practical environments.


1. Coaching

Under this method, the trainee work under an experienced staff who gives the instructions to the trainee and provides feedback to the trainee. This method helps the trainees to learns from the experiences of his superiors. it reduces mistakes of the trainees in the future.

2. Job Rotation

Under this method, an employee often shifted to the other related jobs to make them all rounder of the work. This helps the employees to make them more skilled and valuable, and this escapes the boredom that comes to work the same kind of works.

3. Committee Assignments

In committee assignments, a set of the task is given to the group of the trainee to solve the organizational problem together. it improves teamwork and creates the bonding among the employees.

4. Internship 

The internship is a pre-job experience of future employees. In internship pre-placed employees work on the floor and learns the real experiences of the company. it helps the college graduated to learn the real experiences of the company.

5. Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship method usually is given to that employee that will give more profits in long term. this method includes day to day coaching with on floor experience. Usually, this training to be given that employees that will promote in the future.


1. Improve Productivity

Training improves the productivity of employees. Because when the employees well-trained they know what to do? and How to do?. So, training improves the productivity of the employees.

2. Multi-skill

Training makes the employees multi-skilled. During the training, employees learn multiple skilled. which make them more skilled and multi-skilled as well.

3. Quick Learning

On the job training provides the learning environment to the trainees. which make them more quick learner.

4. Make Systematic Approach

On the job training make the systematic approach in the organization.because that time they know the right approach of the organization.


  1. Problem in Production

On job training create problems during the production of finish goods, because trainees ask the queries during production which distract the worker. So, on the job training create problems during production.


On Job training method is costly in the sense that the workers are disturbed by training activities.

3. Possibility of Accidents

When the trainees work on the floor the risk of accidents increases because that time they will not be aware with the dangerous machine. that can be harmful.