Process Theory of Leadership


What is Process Theory of Leadership?

Process Theory of Leadership is based on the Transformational leadership and how the leaders influence his followers.

Transformational Leadership

This theory is based on the assumption of James MacGregor Burns :

  • Leader asks followers to put aside personal interests for the good of the group.
  • Leaders focus on followers needs and input in order to transform everyone a leader by empowering and motivating them.

Relational Model of Leadership

This theory is based on the assumption of Komoives, Lucas and McMahon :

  • Leadership is a relational process designed to accomplish a common goal to benefit all.
  • Leader must be inclusive, empowering, purposeful, ethical, and process-oriented to bind the group together and achieve goal.

Servant Leadership Theory

This theory is based on the assumption of Robert Greenleaf :

Successful leaders influence others as a result of dedicating their lives to serving others – individuals, groups, and organizations.

Social Change Model of Leadership

Leadership is a process by which individuals and groups work toward the common goal of improving the quality of life for all by developing and promoting seven basic values.

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