What is Vestibule Training? Advantages and Disadvantages


Meaning of Vestibule Training

Vestibule training is one of the on-the-job training where technical staff is trained on how to use tools and machinery by creating a simulated workplace. This training is also termed as ‘near the job training’ in which a simulated work setup is created near the main production plant. Professional and experienced trainers are assigned here for training new staff on machineries and equipment’s that are similar to one that will be used by them at actual work place. 

Vestibule training is conducted in classroom or workstation that is either situated within main manufacturing unit or near to it. This type of training by assigning responsibility of training employees to specialist trainers reduces burden of supervisor monitoring the whole production process. Vestibule training at present is more common in industries that uses hands-on activities and specialized machines. It avoids fatal accidents such as personal injury and death by making staff more proficient prior to putting them in a live situation at workplace. 

Advantages of Vestibule Training

Various advantages of vestibule training are discussed in points given below: –

  1. It is the most convenient type of training in case if large number of peoples need to be trained for same type of job.
  2. Actual work place remain unaffected as vestibule training is carried out at simulated work setup not at main production plant.
  3. Workers focus with full concentration only on training without fearing about mistakes taking place in production process.
  4. Vestibule training is given by special trainer which devote more time to problem of each worker. If such training is imparted by line supervisor who is authorize to monitor whole production process, then he will be giving less time to trainees. 
  5. Workers are able to overcome their anxiety and nervousness at workplace by accustoming themselves with work environment via getting training at simulated work setup prior to joining actual one.

Disadvantages of Vestibule Training

  1. Vestibule training is highly expensive as simulated workplace need to be created for imparting it. It requires duplicate of all tools, machinery and equipments similar to actual work place for providing real time experience to workers.
  2. It is a more time consuming process as entire setup need to be created before imparting training.
  3. Special trainer needed for vestibule training may demand large money as they are highly skilled individuals.
  4. Workers may face difficulty in settling themselves in actual work place.