Different Types of Meetings in an Organisation


Meaning of Meeting in an organisation

The meeting can be defined as an act whereby people come in direct contact, comes in an organization together. It is basically the peoples gathering who come together for a social, religious, and business purpose. It is termed as a lawful association of 2 or more persons who are informed prior basically for carrying out some business activities. Meetings play an important role in the operations of the business as it provides a common platform for discussing various issues and coming out with the solutions.

Meetings can be classified on the basis of use, purpose, legality,  participation, and more. Meetings help the employees and workers to share their views and information, solve various issues and problems, and helps in promoting cooperation and thereby improving the performance.

  • Meaning of Meeting in an organisation
  • Different Types of Meetings in an Organisation
  • Essentials of Meetings in an Organisation

Essentials of Meetings in an Organisation

Presence Of 2 Or More Individuals

To have a valid and meaningful meeting there must be 2 or more than that person present in the meeting. However, according to law, there can be a large number of persons also to constitute a valid quorum.

Gathering Must Be A Lawful

The gathering done must be for carrying out a lawful business activity. If the meeting is meant for any unlawful activities it must not be considered as a meeting.

 Notice Should Be Given Prior

There is a very important condition for the gathering of a person to be called a meeting. Prior notice should be given to all persons who are going to take part in a meeting. Any gathering which is purely accidental will not be called a meeting according to law.

 Meant For Transacting Business Operations

There should be a definite purpose for holding a meeting that is mainly transacting business activities. Any gathering which has no prior or predetermined objectives will not be called a meeting.


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Different Types of Meetings in an Organisation

Meetings Based On Projects

These types of gatherings are meant to bring together people from different parts of organization working on a common task like working on some new concept or product or reorganization of the business. It may include different types like progress & planning meetings, sessions on brainstorming, or review meetings.

Meetings Meant For Staff

These types of the gathering are one of the important types of meetings as it is directly going to affect the performance of the organization. It helps the employees of the organization to take an active part in the organization. Every company’s concerned manager or administration holds regular meetings to inform their working staff about the progress and deal with any issues affecting the department. If there is any big or major policy change brought in a company that affects its overall performance, the management may hold a meeting with all its employees to explain it also their issues are brought into notice through these types of meetings.

Conference For Sales

It is one of the important motivating and communication process used by organizations. The persons responsible for carrying out the sales activities of the business works off their offices and even sometimes working alone. When you are holding conferences it brings together the one responsible for carrying out the sales activities and various other members of the company who affect their growth and success such as senior members, product specialists, and staff meant for marketing. These conferences can be used for launching new programmes such as the new product announcement, a new advertising campaign, or the company’s plans.

 Meetings For Dealing With Emergencies

Sometimes there are various serious emergencies in the organization which affect the whole performance of the organization. i.e, If a fire or some big financial loss occurs which shakes the whole performance of the organization, through these types of meetups employees can be made to understand the implications & changes that will occur. This will reduce the feeling of uncertainty and risk in the performance of the organization.

 Virtual Meetings

As a trend of working from home is increasing day by day, instead of working on the same physical area people are tending to work from home. These virtual meetings help the people to connect to each other virtually with coming to a similar physical area and discuss various issues easily.