Importance of Planning

Importance of Planning

Planning Provides Directions

Planning provides directions towards goal. When we plan something we have an idea about that. Plan let us see the goals clearly. So the method of work is defined. The path is clear, and we just need to go on it.

Planning Help in decision-making

Planning Helps the manager to make a decision. Decision must be around the plan that we have in advance. When we have planned so making decision become easy.

Importance of Planning
Importance of Planning

Planning Reduces the Risks

Risk means threat of uncertainty that may happen in the future. Planning reduces the risk of uncertainty. Because it decided in advance what to do? How to do? So worthless activities will not be there. Hence, the chances of risk become low.

Standards for Controlling

Planning established a standard of work. The work will be done around the plan. Controlling is the difference between standard work and actual work. And taking steps for correction.

Planning Reduces Worthless Activities

Planning provides the work for each and every employee. The work is clearly defined of every employee. That reduces confusion and mistake.

Planning Promotes Innovative Ideas

Planning is related to the creative mind. Innovation for the product and finding a new idea. The plan is made by the innovative manager. So Planning Promotes Innovative Ideas.