Objectives of Interview


Meaning of Interview

Interview is a process of selection of staff. Interview is a two-way conversation. It helps employers in selection of a right person for a right job and also helps employees to present their skills and to acquire desired position. The interviewer explains the applicant about the job profile and helps the interviewee to make up his mind about whether or not he wants to join to the organisation.

Objectives of Interview

  • Meaning of Interview
  • Objectives of Interview

Acquire Right Talent

Interview helps the organisation to acquire the right the talent and selection the future leader of the organisation. it helps the job seekers to explore career opportunities and understand the corporate sectors.

Collects Market Information

In Interview process, the interviewee discuss about his past work experiences, achievements, skill, and etc. it helps the organisation to collects the market conditions i.e, what is going on, what are the new trends, and etc. The employer can benefits of this information to improve efficiency.

Skill Development of Youth

World economy are getting close, companies are looking for multi-task employees. Tradition interview approach are closed. It is helping the job seeker to build new skills. Basically, it is helping lot to the developing countries to build their youths with new skills.

Economy Growth

As we discuss, job seekers build new skills to get desired position, Which is ultimately helping the economy to grow. Because when job seeker gets the desired position, he started spending and saving which means growth of economy.